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Alchemy of Snowness

Alchemy of Snowness

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EAN/UPC: 9781925265927

The story of Slava Polunin, an artist, a creator, a performer, and of his Snowshow, the theatre spectacle that has entertained, enchanted and touched audiences worldwide.

The book traces Slava's artistic journey and exhilarating exploration in his creation of "a show that would bring us back to our childhood dreams; a show which would help spectators be released from the jail of adulthood and rediscover their forgotten childhood".

With 27 stunning illustrations throughout by artist Quint Buchholz punctuating Slava's poetic storytelling this book is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the creative process and for those longing for a little magic in their lives.
  • English translation of the Russian book "Alchemy of Snow", originally published in 2014 (won the literary award PETROPOL in Russia).
  • Tells the story of the creation of Slava's Snowshow, which has played around the world.