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#ZOOPARK au Globe

Zoopark Publishing Collective is a team of two Russian born visual artists, Tatyana Palyga & Alexander Bondar, working with photography, video and book media, based between Prague, Berlin and Paris. They started making self-published books and zines together since 2010, and in 2016 founded Zoopark Collective as an experimental platform for the future editions and collaborative projects. So far they have published around two dozen publications which are distributed in book fairs and shops all over the world and included in various public and private collections. In their publications as well as video projects Tatyana and Alexander combine photography, texts, graphics, illustrations, video footage, shot by themselves or found, trying to make statements not only about their personal lives and experiences, but also about wider socio-political contexts they happened to live in. Zoopark pays special attention to the book form and its possibilities as a medium for conveying their work. They make very limited printed editions, often manually produced and experimenting more and more with inkjet printing. Over the years Zoopark Collective participated in numerous photo&art book fairs and festivals all over Europe and in Russia, in performance and music festivals performing their live video-projections, usually in collaboration with different musicians and sound artists. Meet the authors of Zoopark Publishing Collective and hear their personal stories about the photobooks and zines they've made. Besides, here you can get your copies of the books from the hands of the authors, and get them signed. See you in Librairie du Globe! For any questions please contact